Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ashley & aaron's engagement session

ashley, aaron & i met for the first time at their engagement session. they had attended two weddings i'd shot: richard & kristen's & andrew & lauren's. i was so flattered when they called & asked me to shoot theirs!

so we met up a few nights before the wedding. the weather held out for about 40 minutes & then rain forced us to hide in target's parking lot. with a lil creativity we got some really great shots & one killer image!


it was drizzling so we started out here. love this!

& then we ventured outside.

this makes me think of first date cuteness.

fav #2

& then the sky started looking a little worrisome.

so we headed back to the garage for a wardrobe change & some cover!

it was pouring outside! the rain was flooding in.

so we met up again early the next morning for some more in their formal clothes!

fav #3

& then my favorite for last. on our way out (the night before) i asked if they'd be willing to get wet... & they said yep! so we put our hazard lights on, parked in the middle of the road & took this... so great. i love my new camera... for not dying after it got drenched & for being able to handle very low light situations so beautifully.

wedding pics are coming soon!


  1. Really lovely shots, and great creative ways to make do with the rain. My favorite is the one with the green umrella; all of those colors are so vibrant!

  2. I must hand it to you, you made my brother look really handsome! : ) The pictures are beautiful, I can't wait to see them all!