Thursday, February 19, 2009

our last vacation

as people. in a few months we become parents & the world changes as we know it. so we flew to colorado to visit our friends ted & sarah! number 45 on my 101 list: done again!

it was a great trip! exactly what we needed. we were there for four days & had lots of fun adventures- well the kind my lil belly would allow, and lots of great food. i really do enjoy that town- i've officially added it to my list of "would like to live there one day" places. ted, you can stop squeeling now :)

this will be over a couple different posts- because they need to send me their pictures. we did other fun stuff that i have no proof of- like roller skating- which took both bryan and i awhile to get back into the grove, but we well, we survived it. no broken bones!!!

here's colorado:

the beautiful flat irons.

a small town that is known for it's abandoned cars & other stuff.

they took us to the rocky mountains, which neither of us had ever been before. we did a little mile long hike & played in the snow.

my coat would barely zip! but sarah let me borrow her ski one so i'd stay toasty.

sarah & ted in a blistery storm :)

i had a hankering to make a snow angel!

i really like the feel of this one...

* Herds of tiny pine beetles are munching away at Colorado's forests, turning the evergreens a sickly red and destroying large patches of trees. Cold snaps -- which, in mountain terms, mean about five nights of minus-30 temperatures -- usually kill off the native beetles. But winters are warming, and Henson and others said they worry the beetles can't be stopped.

The beetle infestation "has reached epidemic proportions as a result of climate issues," said Kyle Patterson, spokeswoman for the Rocky Mountain National Park.*

so visit here soon!!!

in she goes...

we hiked around a frozen lake, it was very beautiful.

ted jumped off this here boulder- without hurting himself! and now he has a cool facebook pic!

more to come, promise!

thanks for having us guys, we are now ready to turn our lives over to responsibility ;)

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