Thursday, May 3, 2012

jaclyn & wyman, new york photographer

this beautiful couple lives in brooklyn... & we thought that would be the perfect location for their engagement session, especially since they'll be getting married in lexington, ky.

they have a great apt with great light, so we took a quick photo there.

& then it was off to the pratt campus, where wyman has been working his BUTT off the past few years.  don't ya love this gate?

 it was a rainy, chilly day. but we had so much fun.

love the effect the rain drops had on my lens...  you two are so cute!


 we got to escape inside for a lil bit.


 & then i kicked em back outside!!! see, chilly!!

this might be my favorite. top three for sure. its' so new york!

love these next few.  isn't jaclyn gorgeous? i mean, gorgeous.

love this look.

love all those freckles on that handsome face.


someones getting all gq on us! & i like it.


this one makes me giggle.

but my absolute favorite is one of these... not sure which though.

probably this one!

i mean, of course we were going to do that!!!!!!

congratulations you two. i can NOT wait to photograph your special day. special thanks to wyman for allowing me to kidnap you in the height of preparing for your defense. i know that wasn't easy, but i'm so thankful because i had a great time & love the photos! & congratulations for passing!!!!!!!!  

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