Sunday, December 20, 2009

cheryl & her girls

cheryl & her daughters wanted another session :) & this year they brought along jerry & his adorable daughter chloe! it's funny to look at last year's session which was done in may- all the green & sunlight & then this year it was very wintery!

we had a lot of fun, even after it started raining cold, cold raindrops & the winds of a mini hurricane :) all of us were dressed like it was a 70 degree phoenix winter day & had to run to the car!

here are a few of my favorite.

i love this one.

and this one.

tooooo cute!


the winds are starting up... but this family's cuteness prevails!

leanna was jealous of chloe being spun... :)

the skies warning us, but i really like the feel of this.

these two were over there being naturally cute.

favorite of the girls together.

teheee. you're never too old to climb a tree!

NEVER!!!! i think this one is awesome. even the runners agree.

i always have so much fun with you all! can't wait to see you all next year!

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