Wednesday, March 21, 2012

walter & becca ; louisville engagement photographer

walter. where do i begin with telling you about walter. for starters he is the reason i'm a photographer. we hung out during high school -every sunday night at youth group. i can remember him showing me how his manual camera worked. i thought it was cool. several years later i ran into him on my first day of college at western kentucky university. i was depressed because it was my "last resort" school. he yelled at me from across the parking lot. we spent a few minutes catching up & then he lead me to the head of the photojournalism program where he said "put her in a class."

the only class with room left was taught by an amazing photographer, susie post, who was taking a year off from national geographic to teach. long story short, i declared pj my major a month later.

so grateful for that. i love what i do & he set me on this path.

another quick story a/b walter & then i'll quit boring you with personal stories & let you see their amazingness...

when my grandfather passed away (i was incredibly close with my grandparents) walter came to the funeral home & stayed. he walked up to me & gave me an amazing hug & said i'll be in the back room if you need me. he stayed back there almost the entire day, chit chatting with my family, helping out in any way he could, being there to give me a hug when i needed it. he is a true friend & i am lucky to have him. i am walter. thank you.

so becca. please know i think you are one of the luckiest ladies in this world. walter will take such good care of you. i can tell ya'll are going to have a life filled with a lot of sarcasm, laughter & adventure.

their adorable family.


i'd found this amazing field & said ya'll up for some off roading? they were :)

this one makes me laugh.

i love watching people be gentle with each other. we need more of that in this world.

& i also requested some big red balloons- they found these & it was so much fun! they almost escaped twice, but we were smarter (somehow) & never lost them!

this one's showing off becca's sweetness :) sweet smile, sweet eyes & sweet demeanor.

& this is classic walter. i don't know how many shots i have him doing something like this.

walter said "how about a shadow?" still got the eye!

i love this one.


this one is kind of romantic, me thinks.

:) i keep smiling. i can't help it!

just practicing their twirls...

for walter's mama. one of the coolest ladies i know.

so, now for a funny story. we were running back along the curvy dangerous road to where we'd stashed the car (illegally in front of someone's driveway) when a car stopped & i said "i live down this road..." walter interrupted & said "okay, we're sorry we're just leaving!" he responded with "nah, you should come take pictures at my house- it's right on the river." we looked at each other & said okay! as we followed his car it got a little creepy. it was way down the driveway, remote from any other neighbors & then the house appeared. pretty run down, totally a place horror movies could be filmed. the guy gets out of his car with his girlfriend & two adorable daughters so we decide to not peel out of there & give it a chance.

it was amazing. he's fixed the inside up & wow. we all covet this house. it is literally over the water- the only house like it. it's also protected so it can't be build up... nice & private. i wish i'd taken a picture of the house, but here are his beautiful views.

this is their "act weird" pose. walter's mastered it.

i love the way you're looking at him becca.

can't wait for july!!!

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