Friday, March 30, 2012

rachel & jason : phoenix engagement photographer

meet rachel & jason. these love birds are gettin hitched in january!

we know rachel from grad school. bryan & rachel became friends while studying geography together & i quickly stole her as one of my favorite chica's in this whole wide world.

rachel & jason now live in california, but wanted to do their session in phoenix because it's where they met; while working at a border's bookstore. unfortunately, it's closed otherwise we would have snuck in there for their session :)

here are a few of my favorites!

this is one of my favorites.

so sweet. it's pretty obvious he adores her.

another favorite. she's always giving him this look.


there's only one way & it's down that road together.... corny, yeah? but i had to!

another fav.

two seconds after he licked her. love her face.

i had such a great time with you two & CAN NOT wait for your wedding next year. hurry up already!!!!

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