Monday, April 9, 2012

bill & colette : phoenix wedding photographer

this was such a sweet wedding & an awesome way to start off 2012!

friends set this couple up & after only a few dates bill asked colette if you could fall in love with someone after 4 dates & she said "yes & i love you too." talk about a tear jerker!  they both have kids from previous relationships so that was the deciding factor. their kids had to get along & i can attest, they do beautifully.   so happy for this sweet couple!

here are a few of my favorites.

this necklace has been in bill's family for over 150 years.

both bill & colette are hair dressers. this was the first time i'd seen the father doing everyone's hair :)

they got ready together :)

they walked down the aisle together. i LOVE the look they're  giving each other.


their kids make this picture awesome!

colette asked for this photo & i love it!

can't get over these eyes.

& here are a few of the love birds!


they wanted a simple, elegant garden theme & i think they accomplished it beautifully.

a few amazing cupcakes from ollie cake make everyone happy!

there was some serious dancing going on.

the big sisters :)

a couple really beautiful toasts...

those are the ingredients for a beautiful day. congratulations you guys!

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