Thursday, July 23, 2015

rarigs : new york family photographer

my sister's in laws are on the blog! 
you know these guys, you've seen them here & here
every year at silver bay we do an updated session. this year we did it after nora & sydney's baptism. 
so here are a couple of these babes during the service.

max was hilarious. to everyone but his parents, that is. 
he couldn't help himself he just wanted to splash! throughout the entire ceremony :0


two of the sweetest little girls! 

lindsay & sydney!

ally & charlie

the lovely ladies! 


i love this one! 

stephani, nora, jeff & max! 

josh, dave, kristi, ally & lindsay!

molly, sydney, charlie, doug, natalie! 


momma & god momma with their sweet nora june! 

judi & sue's families celebrating the beautification of bay beach in their parents honor. 
charlie & ruth lupton are a huge part of silver bay's history. 
most fondly morning dip with donuts & crazy charlie sauce! 
if you ever get to silver bay i suggest trying both :)

thanks so much for being such amazing families rarigs & nagy's! 

love spending time with you up at the bay! 

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