Wednesday, April 16, 2014

kate, pat & taye : phoenix family photographer

this family is so dear & near to my heart. 

here are our previous sessions: taye, more taye!, kate & pat's wedding, kate & pat's engagement

for this one we attempted to get a picture of the whole family including the pups.
that was a bit entertaining.

but we did it, yeah?!

handsome lil man.

kate has become part of an awesome organization called noonday collections. 
They sell jewelry, scarves & handbags made by women & families in third world countries.

please take a second to look at the beautiful creations they make 
& learn about the incredible way you can purchase with a purpose. 

so we did a few headshots. she is wearing several of the gorgeous pieces.

i love this from one of our previous sessions:

so sweet.

i love that he has to hold on to his pants as he runs because of that cute lil, skinny tushy.

this one cracks me up!

i love our sessions. i love ya'll. 

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