Friday, April 25, 2014

sweet baby lucas : phoenix newborn photographer

this sweet boy, ended up being a pretty good model for us! 
the dogs... well, they made us work :) 
but i think we got some really, really cute ones! 

meet lucas. claudio & andrea's sweet, sweet boy. 
i love watching parents in the first couple of weeks. it's complete bliss. 
extremely tired bliss, but bliss none the less :)
hmmm... life, eh?
why am i in a basket people?!!!
oh, my dog is here. okay then.
ah, both my doggies.
bath time ;)
my favorite!

i really appreciate you allowing me to document this AMAZING time in your lives. 
he's precious. ya did good :)

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  1. God bless everyone!!!!!

    Un beso a todos!!! de la familia en Francia