Wednesday, May 20, 2009

taryn & dave lil movie!

and now for their slide show...

(sorry these last three shows have been soo long- i've had awesome 2nd shooters & issues with editing down these beautiful weddings! so shoot me :)


  1. I've watched this three times in 30 mins and I tear up each time. The pictures are awesome. What a glorious evening. Happiness was abundant.

    Superb job Megan

  2. Megan/Andy you are AWESOME! If I ever take the dive again - would love to have you as photographer!

  3. I was tearing up when he saw her...his face was amazing!!! And I don't even know them. :) Yay Megan.

  4. Explain the box and hammer part of the ceremony that is a new one to me.

    Simply amazing always a good problem to have to many keepers to choose from!

  5. The box and hammer...

    The bride & groom each write a letter to each other - how much & why they love each other (they don't share these letters). They place the letters and two wine glasses into the box and hammer it shut during the ceremony.

    If they ever have a really bad fight or reach a breaking point in their marriage, they're supposed to open the box, pour some wine into the glasses, and go to separate rooms and read the other person's letter while they drink the glass of wine.

    I think it's a great idea and I hope Taryn and David never open their box.

    (I think I remember them saying that they could open it on their 50th wedding anniversary as well.)