Friday, September 25, 2009


to all of my blog readers, families awaiting their sessions & couples waiting for their wedding photos! i apologize for the delay.

this week everything was postponed because our house was broken into. it's been more miserable than anything, having your space, your sacred space vandalized. every time we return from an errand we hold our breath until we're inside & see that things are as we left them. i'm washing all of our clothes because "they" touched them. we've done the routine things like added motion sensors to every corner of our house, replaced the broken window & door, changed bank accounts, closed credit cards, opened a safety deposit box... the list goes on & on. it's been a tiring week. i'm so grateful i have the weekend off so we can finish cleaning the mess they made & relax.

after this weekend most of the urgent matters will be taken care of & i can get back to editing & toning my last four awesome weddings. i seriously have the best clients! thank you all for your patience & your encouragement!


  1. Oh Megan! Bummer! Doesn't it make you sit back and say, "What kind of person would DO this to another person?". I am so sorry that happened to you... We totally have an alarm system in our house and I love it. It makes me feel safe, and when I'm out and about I never worry about the house because I know that someone would call me ASAP if something bad was happening there.
    Again, so sorry. And I don't know if I've ever left a comment before, but I read your blog regularly and I love your work!

  2. Oh Megan, that sucks. I have an idea how you must feel, but it's so much worse that it's your home, where you're supposed to feel safe. It sucks that there are such worthless people in the world. I hope you all have recovered now.