Monday, September 7, 2009

erin & andrew

man oh man. i'm about half way through my crazy wedding season. meaning i have 6 weddings in 7 weekends. only one of them is in arizona. bless you rachel :) not that i don't love traveling... don't get me wrong, but it's a different beast with an almost 3 month old attached to ya 24/7. he's such a good baby i bet i could wear him in my sling all day long & you'd hardly notice. except, as one guy on the plane to atlanta put it "ya kinda look like dolly parton there." i responded with "yeah hers will probably be all lopsided like this in another 10 years."

i'm figuring it out though. it's getting easier. i'll get another chance this weekend as i head back to silver bay for erin & tim's wedding!! i'm very excited/lucky that steph is meeting us there again, especially since bryan can't come.

anyways. to the point of this post.

my gorgeous cousin, erin. she's married. that's right OFF THE MARKET, ladies and gentlemen. her fabulous wedding took place on august 22nd in atlanta, georgia. andrew was a stud & their friends & family were a blast. that is an understatement really...

special thanks to will godfrey, who assisted me! you were so great to work with :)

make-up time. although, this gal doesn't even need it.

jessie, erin's sister, the fabulous maid of honor.
i love this photo. it's for sure going on the website :)

all the ladies watching as erin puts the dress on... i love the expressions.

omg. tis all i gotta say about this one.

foxy lady.

dad's first glance.

while i hung out with the ladies- will was with the guys. the next two are his. this is a great detail because both families are very irish!

no jitters. just one happy man, making the best decision of his life.

the weddin.

this wedding party was a blast.

and on to what has become my favorite part of the day... the bride & groom portraits.

bringing it in a lil closer.

i love this look they're giving each other.


andrew's father was the best man. how cool is that?
here he's giving a toast to his new daughter in law.

tehee. heehehe.


the reception.

andrew & i made this cup cake stand. isn't it purty? if the wedding photography thing doesn't work out i could always go into this ;)


erin's dad, tom, had an amazing speech. i LOVE the emotion here.

andrews's mom & brother during his dad's speech -which was awesome as well. both dad's had us laughing & then crying & then lauging again.

savoring his dance.

i saw this backdrop with the sun setting & dragged them out mid-meal. totally worth it.

aren't they adorable?

will took this one of andrew & two of his groomsmen. i love it.

the flower girl & her mama shaking it!

this one needs some explaining :) erin is a blast to um, hang out with. to say the least. years ago while *out & about* visiting her sister & cousins at uofk she decided to pick up a lawn chair & dance with it. several people thought it was funny & starting dancing with her. so, our cousins decided to reenact it for her with teeny chairs. can you say HI...iiiilarious?

and then the party was officially started. here's rita. erin's momma. ya know what makes this picture awesome- a sentimental thing. we have a photo of my grandmother, rita's mom stealing the microphone from the band at one of her kid's wedding too.

the band, flavor was awesome. they had half the reception on stage with them most of the night!

i love this one.

and this one. i love the slight blur...

and i'll leave you with this one. my favorite. maybe. it's a tough call.

erin & andrew. i'm super proud of these images. i hope you love them. thank you soo much for letting me be a part of your day in such an intimate way. love you both.


  1. These are great!! You did an amazing job and it looks like the wedding was SUPER fun!! yay!!

  2. Wow Megan! THis is great! It looks like a fun wedding to shoot and you came away with some great photos.