Monday, August 17, 2009

carolyn is finn's nurse practitioner... and at our appt this past friday she asked if i did family portrait sessions! yeah, i love em' i responded. "i'd like to get one done soon, because my husband is leaving for iraq for a year." mouth dropped to the floor. wow. a whole year away... that has to be soooo hard. but andy, her husband, is doing very rewarding work. he is a helicopter pilot & his mission is to bring back 90,000 troops during his stint. so. we came back from flagstaff early since sunday night was the only night we could do it.

carolyn, it was a privilege to meet your family! thank you.

andy, tera, carolyn, sean & how could you miss him... dakota!

isn't he magnificent!!

bring it in close.

dads. aren't they great?

i love the way tera's looking at him.

the boys.

that's a big kiss :) isn't sean's reaction hillarious?

piggy backs!!!!

too sweet.

just some arizona kids :)

i love this one.

the view from their house.

goodluck on your mission andy. fly safely & come home soon!

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  1. Carolyn - it's so neat to see pictures of your family! You all look great! I will pray for your husband's safe return.

    -Joanne Aspinall, aka Owen's Mom