Wednesday, August 5, 2009

silver bay.

i'm a little nuts. i realize this. i took my 14 day old son on a plane across the country but, & this is a huge BUT... it was to my camp in upstate new york. i've talked about how special this place is on the blog several times... it's my favorite place in the world. so i had several reasons motivating me to make the trip:

:i had an amazing couple hoping i'd be there to document their day, they booked me pre-pregnancy. (and the wedding was fabulous! anna & rob were so awesome.)

:i wanted finn to be able to experience sba: breath that fresh air, sleep with windows open, hang out outside (instead of being stuck inside because it's 113 in phoenix!)

:i wanted this time as a family to chill out.

:& it was my birthday...

so bryan & i packed our bags for our 5 day adventure with our very new born child. we were in an airport or on a plane for 11 hours. (nice lil layover) my sister met us at the airport & we drove the 2 hours north to silver bay.

we had thursday & friday to chill out before the big wedding day. so that's just what we did.

my sister & finn snuggling.

finn loved being outside & feeling the breeze.

cool critter.

steph was kind enough to take some family photos for us.

finn & i will be making this long trip back for two more weddings this year. erin & tim & then chris & jessica :) & we can't wait!!!!

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