Tuesday, February 9, 2010

emma miriam

is one!!!!!!!!!!

her entire family on both sides flew in for her celebration!

so while they were here we did a lil photoshoot.

everybody looking good!

she just learned to clap . YEAH!!!

i love this!

mama & daddy lovin on her.

cutest little escape convict. ever.

yep, keep being distracted as i secretly crawl away.

how cute is this?!!


great granddad.

some of emma's boys adoring her :)

then we went back to their house for some simple background portraits.

this is probably my favorite one of the whole shoot. sweet daddy.

aww sterny-poo.

licky poo.


uh-oh. guess who loves emma? tehee.

here'e emma loving on her stern.

isn't she beautiful?

happy birthday sweet girl!


  1. Megan you're amazing, I LOVE these! Thank you so much for capturing Emma' special day!

  2. Melissa's mom could be her sister! Great shots! Happy birthday Emma!