Monday, December 13, 2010

miss milla

do you remember the beautiful wedding at the scottsdale civic center i shot when i was quite round with finn? well. that sweet couple of mine has had a sweet, sweet little girl -milla. she is adorable & so full of joy. seriously. smiled the entire time. they're lucky i didn't take her home with me.

here are a few of my favorites from the session.

isn't she beautiful?

oh lord, this one breaks my heart.

her daddy definitely adores her.

love this one.


even cuter!!!!

so happy.

man these are way cuter than anything i could ever find for finn.

she's already getting so big!


mama's pretty smitten too.

i love this one. it's so tender.

i wouldn't be able to stop loving on her either if she was mine!

happy holidays you all! thanks for letting me be a part of this beautiful growing family!!!!

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  1. She is beautiful and so happy. You have a gorgeous family. I love the, enjoy the holidays. You all made mine much nicer by sharing a part of your lives with me. Happy Holidays!!!