Thursday, February 24, 2011

john & monica's wedding

my baby brother is a husband. so odd saying... err... typing it outloud?! that adorable 11 year old that came down to my room & made me study the driver's manual so i would pass the test! that sweet kid that thought teaching me to hit a golf ball at night with glow in the dark balls would make it more appealing to me, which it didn't, but nice try. he's married!! & lucky boy, to a beautiful, kind woman.

they were married on the 12th of february in louisville.

monica & her bridesmaids got ready at hotlocks, a funky lil salon.

air hugs so as not to mess up the hair!

i don't remember what was going on here, but i do remember giggling.

john getting ready.

finn was a stud muffin!!!!!!!!! we were all pretty sure walking down the aisle wasn't going to happen. but some heavy, fancy shoes on his feet & a train in his hand & a mama down at the end of the aisle & magic happens! he very stoicly walked down the aisle, handed johnny the pillow, high-fived him & then gave him a kiss. PERFECT. & then he threw a fit i couldn't hold him & my cousin took him out to the lobby to play.

the music was beautiful.

they're pretty adorable.

monica starting crying here & it was so sweet. john wiped her tears away.

wedding party minus bryan... finn had fallen asleep on the drive over & so he kept driving him around.

i love this one...

the handsome couple!

prayers before dinner.

i painted these glasses for grandma & grandpa miller's 60th anniversary :) very cool that they toasted with them!

first dance!

father daughter dance :)

my mom has been waiting for this moment for 25 years! it was very sweet.

& then the party started, monica & her mom boog-ie-in!

kennedy & finn beating catherine up. i'm sure she deserved it ;)

the infamous cousin dance. we rocked on air quitars with our sunglasses to johnny be good! brad chained a "new ball" around his ankle- it was hilarious.

what a beautiful day! congratulations you two. i'm so very happy for you.

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