Monday, May 9, 2011

vince & family

vince (or to his family, john) is a friend from frisbee. he booked a session for his family & we had so much fun! here are some of my favorites!

the sibs & their significant others.
grandkids & sweet grandparents.

love this one.
& then individual families :) these two are expecting their first babe & they're super excited!
& cute.
vince & his lovely fiance, jamie, who also plays frisbee :)
love this one!
i couldn't decide which i liked best... so you get both!

the reason behind all the love in this family...

these kids were awesome.

the kids.
the girls.
the boys.
they brought some props & we had a lil fun with them at the end of the session!
oh, i sincerely hope someone orders this as a huge canvas... it's so great!
thank you so much for letting me spend some time with you all... i had a lovely time :)

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  1. AMAZING work, Megan. You were awesome.

    - Jeff & Betsy