Sunday, July 31, 2011

maya leigh paris

photo by short jill

has arrived!!! she was born on july 22nd at 3:50am. we did another water birth in our home & everything went beautifully. our midwife, mary, her assistant jen, my mom, & our friend, short jill, (who documented it for us) were all there to help make maya's birth a beautiful experience.

she is so incredibly sweet. i can't put her down. finn loves her & asks to hold her all the time. he comforts her by saying "it's okay baby" when she cries. if i'm not holding her he wants to know "where my maya at?" so luckily, the transition into big brotherhood is going very well.

the four of us are adapting, but maya is making everything so easy- it's like we've always been a family of four. and i love it.

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