Thursday, January 5, 2012

rebecca & eric, phoenix wedding photographer

rebecca & eric (cisco as we lovingly call him) play frisbee with bryan & i. rebecca is from louisville ironically & just moved to nashville for school. they asked if i could do some engagement pictures new years eve weekend & i was so excited to help them out with that. engagement sessions might be my favorite. seeing two people so in love with so much of their lives ahead of them... it's too much fun.

here are my favorites:

i'm not gonna say much, cause it's obvious how adorable these two are together.

one of my favs.

another fav.

you are so beautiful rebecca.

another fav.

but this is my most fav fav.

what did she say!?!?!

:) love this one too!


cisco, that look worked babe. it worked. you got yourself a sweet girl & a wonderful relationship! congrats you two. thank you for letting me document it.

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  1. Eric these are great pictures. I am so happy for you.
    Rebecca I hope to meet you soon. I am really
    Excited for the 2 of you. Ray