Monday, July 2, 2012

marnie & her family

my good friend marnie asked if i could do a session while her family was in town. shoot yeah i can! marnie is not only a good friend, but my bootcamp instructor. she kicks my butt into gear three days a week. she's fabulous. if you live in phoenix & are looking for something to motivate ya, look no further. i've found it for you. seriously. i hate gyms & am no good at making myself go to classes but this camp is special. it's all ladies & we've bonded so closely that you're excited to go. 

marnie's mom, patti & sister amber came for a visit in the heat of the summer... crazy ladies!  amber brought her adorable daughter capri & of course, kace & indie were there too.

it was a sweet session. here are a few of my favorites.

sweet kace warming up. love this one.
capri & mommy.
love this one of capri!

this one makes me smile.

time for some aunt lovin.
thanks for a great session ladies & kace :) 

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  1. absolutely gorgeous pictures of an absolutely amazing family!!!