Monday, November 5, 2012

my c4 family : phoenix family photographer

i might start calling this family c4. i adore them. 

say hello to corinne, chris, camden & cassidy. 
you might have seen them here, here & here.

they wanted to do a session at the secret garden because it's where they got married
& their family is now complete. they've come full circle. 

& here are their adorable babies.  cam & cassidy.

this guy keeps on my toes & is hilarious.

"i'm three"

i LOVE this.

reenacting their wedding... :)


i mean could they be more precious?

how great is her smile?

lovin the coordination.

thanks c4 ;)  i absolutely love hanging out with you all.

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  1. what a sweet sweet family. i think they ALL are my favorite. love them.