Friday, September 13, 2013

sara, kyle, reese & sloane : louisville family photographer

i got to photograph this sweet family again. 
we were randomly in hilton head at the same time 2 years ago! 
and we met up again because they added a new addition. a sweet baby girl!

sloane & her daddy. 

reese is in love with his helmet. he even wore it to school on his first day. 
this was his "special outfit he picked out all by himself."

love this one. 

& this one. 

couldn't decide which i liked better!




it took sloane a lil bit to warm up to me... but daddy got her giggling. 

mom & dad were quickly losing interest so we had to bring in our reinforcements ;)  goldfish!

it bounced off of kyle's head... 

& made us all giggle.

this might be my favorite. love reese looking off at something & the way kyle's smiling at sara. 

such a silly, cute little girl! 

but i take it back. this is my favorite!!

thanks for letting me play!!!  you've got some sweet, sweet kids!

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