Monday, February 3, 2014

oliver & his adorable parents : phoenix family photographer

this is oliver. the sweetest little month early premie i've ever met.  his very proud parents, michael & jill, are some of our closest friends in arizona.  i adore them. jill is our family photographer & i've been waiting on this day for a very long time!  

we did a lil session this past weekend, right around his one month birthday!  he was wide awake for most of it. anything with his eyes closed are because i'm that good -i caught him mid blink. well, that's almost true... the boy did not want to sleep!   

love this one.

the doting father.

love jill's smile.

possibly... my favorite.


"maaaaa... she won't stop taking pictures of me."

hehe. "i tooted."

look at that face!

jill is my artistic muse. she's so damn creative. check out this nursery!

he is amazing. jill & michael well done. i just love this lil munchkin.

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