Monday, May 26, 2014

ashley & paul : phoenix photographer

ashley & paul are getting hitched next year!!  
i am so looking forward to their amazing wedding at the botanical gardens! 

a lil back story. we play frisbee with these beautiful people. 
paul asked his parents if they'd be interested in adopting our weimaraner, skye, 
after she showed a little aggression towards finn when he was a baby.  
they have given skye the most amazing life of hiking galore, squirrels to chase, 
bears to bark at & ice cream for dessert. 
they are some wonderful people that we are incredibly grateful for. 
and now we couldn't be happier for paul & ashley!
(and we're totally thrilled they asked the kids to participate in the wedding!)

please enjoy a few of my favorites.

i think this is my favorite, favorite. 
but this one is pretty cute too!
and i adore this one.
& this just about sums it up ;)
but i love how tender this one is. so, my other favorite. it's officially a tie.
this last image seems timeless to me.
i love the quiet loving look they are giving each other.

congratulations ashley & paul!!

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