Friday, August 8, 2014

steve & ashlee : new york wedding photographer

steve & ashlee were married on july 5th at Silver Bay in upstate new york. if you frequent this blog, you know that place is basically my heaven on earth. it's incredible. steve & i worked there in college together. so i was honored when they choose me to be their photographer.

the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. 

and these two...  were so much fun to work with. ashlee was so calm all day long! i didn't see her stress out once, even when her bridesmaids dresses wanted to pop off- they laughed about it :) 

anywho- you'll soon fall in love with them, just like i did!

the ceremony was in the chapel & very intimate.  
pastor dave was the best man's brother in law 
& he did a great job making everyone laugh 
& revel in the sincerity of the beautiful commitment they were making.

i don't normally post the family portraits but look at this background!!!!

i don't know if i can pick a favorite, but this one is in the running!

they were such good sports :)

this baby was less than 2 weeks old- 
thank's for making your arrival sweet baby so mama could be in the wedding!

this is doug. my dear friend, my sister's brother in law, the best man
& the official portrait assistant.
for a small fee he can be at your wedding providing all the entertainment you need!

the sisters. they couldn't figure out the bustle- so they used safety pins :)


the reception was on the beautiful adirondac.

outside on the docks there was a decent chance you'd be thrown off the boat by the crazy winds!

what a great night! 
may you have a long, happy life filled with adventures, laughter and sprinkler dances!

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