Tuesday, September 23, 2014

megan & shawn & family : louisville wedding photographer

i grew up with megan. they were my first wedding. MY FIRST WEDDING. they joke about the album i handmade them & asked if i could borrow to show another client. i've come a long way since then ;) anyways- i was so excited when shawn asked me to do a portrait session for them!! 

here are a few of my favorites. 

i love megan's laugh. can't you feel her happiness here? 
connor decided off an on to partake in portraits, as lil 5 years olds occasionally do ;)
my favorite of colin. sweet lil pea!
my favorite of connor.
favorite of all 4... soo sweet.
are they not absolutely adorable?
my family wanted to play at the park during the session & we introduced our kids afterwards. 
connor & finn took right to each other... history repeats itself :)
loved meeting your boys finally, megan & shawn!!!!!

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  1. These are so perfect! You were able to capture us to a tee. So glad you could do this for us, thank you!