Sunday, November 30, 2014

3 days : 12 families : phoenix arizona photographer

i think about our old home, phoenix arizona, almost daily. 
i think about our friends & my clients, almost all of whom those titles overlap! 
and i miss them, dearly. 

over the years i've created some amazing relationships & have gotten to see families grow & expand &
i've been invited to document it & i cherish every second of it. 

so, i'm not about to give that up even though i now call kentucky home! 
so, every november & probably sometime in the spring i'll fly back to phoenix so i don't have to :)

i spent nov 20th-23rd documenting 12 of my favorite families. 
3 more had to be rescheduled for january. 

i'm so blown away by their support! thank you sweet friends. 

here is a sample from the sessions :)

individual sessions to come, please check back :)

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