Thursday, January 29, 2015

nicholas & meaghan : arizona wedding photography

we played ultimate frisbee with these two lovely folks, back in phoenix.  
tricky was my competitive coach for one year & then went on to play with bryan in men's competitive & co-ed.  

these two are so great together. i adore them. this wedding was awhile ago but we were hoping to get it published in a magazine... i've not heard back & i feel we've waited long enough to debut their photo's!! so here we go:

this one cracked me up. meaghan was in such a good mood, 
having so much fun with her wedding day.


her shoes were awesome.

they made all the games.  the coolest were the etchings on the boards.

it was a pretty spectacular view.

this was the path we had to walk to get to the wedding spot.

anyone think they shouldn't say i do?!!

nope, let's do this! 

had a tough time getting the ring on his finger :)  

they did!!!!!

on to the party! 

meaghan's aunts made dessert.

they made candles for party favors.

this wedding was one of the most spectacular weddings i've ever been to. it was so low key while being overwhelmingly about love. there weren't decorations, they weren't allowed to, 
but... seriously, how do you one up the grand canyon?

finn was the score keeper.

then we all headed back to our campsite to eat leftovers & relax! 

what a beautiful day! thanks so much for sharing your love of nature & each other with us all. 


  1. Great photos! Sorry the magazine didn't work out but you were awesome up there

  2. You had captured each and every photos very professionally and every photos depicts different style and everyone enjoyed this wonderful moment.