Monday, August 17, 2015

elise : louisville family photographer

this is my friend theresa, her husband jeff & their adorable daughter elise. 
we did a photo session on her actual birthday!!  

she's the cutest lil pip squeak you ever did see. 

she also hates getting kisses. my favorite sequence! 

these are her favorite toys. 

why are you all acting so strange?! 
all 4 grandparents were doing their best to make her smile. 

fine. you can hold her if you want to ;)

this summer was also their ten year anniversary! 
they were one of my first weddings :)

she hates kisses!!!

proud grandparents!!!

she is gorgeous. i just love her curls. 

& her eyes. 

& she's really funny. 

hmm. which one of you has those yummy snacks?!

happy birthday elise!!!!!  

thanks for letting me capture another milestone in your lives :)

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