Sunday, November 15, 2015

sydney's 1st birthday : louisville lifestyle photographer

happy birthday sydney!!!  

this sweet girl was a little under the weather with an ear infection 
so when our session started like this... i think we were all a little worried. 

but then she rallied & i think she had a great time at her party!

such cute kids!

um, what is he doing to me?

daddy's girl.

he is so cute!

love this one!

she has an awesome smile!

cousin raleigh!!

there were so many super heros there.
we all felt very safe.

lil baby ryan.

it's so tiring saving the world everyday.

this baby has since come out!
his session coming soon, he's so cute!!!

they switched costume parts & liam stared at his new claws
for at least 5 minutes... in awe.

dan & anne are one of the smiliest & loving-est couples i know.
my other talent -making up words :)~  

she put her hand in the cake & didn't like being messy :0

working on his zoolander face.

what a fun party! 
sydney, you are one lucky little girl!

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