Wednesday, July 20, 2016

neala & devin : wyoming wedding photographer

i was lucky enough to photograph this AMAZING wedding in wyoming.

the beautiful couple went to O.U. & played frisbee with bryan. 

it was all i could do to control myself when they called and asked me to document their day. 

it was on neala's families property. 
there'd be camping. 
and it'd be rustic.  
they described... my heaven. 

without further ado, the photos! 

i love all of these portraits so much. 

maya took over the polaroid camera... my lil mini me. 

this child. i mean, those eyes?! 

this one made me laugh out loud! 

we wanted to do a lil mini session the next morning in the swimming holes on their property. 
it was the perfect way to end the celebrations. most people headed home later that day.

devin. neala. seriously. 
you have a beautiful love & i am beyond honored to have documented it. 

now we will feel no rain, for each of us will be shelter for the other.
now we will feel no cold, for each of us will be warmth to the other.
now there will be no loneliness, for each of us will be companion to the other.
now we are persons, but there is only one life before us. 
-traditional apache wedding blessing

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  1. Megan, you are simply phenomenal! We can't thank you enough for sharing your talent with us, and it meant the world to have you and your family be a part of our weekend. Can't wait to talk with you more about these amazing photos! I'm just reliving the whole experience again...

    We love you, we love you! These are simply beautiful. You captured so much.