Friday, August 12, 2016

baby quattro : louisville home birth photographer

remember that family that i just posted? well, we did the mini session just in time. 

here is baby quattro's photo birth story. 
(quattro is their loving nickname for the babe in utero)

i got the phone call on friday morning at 7:30am. 
"wanna see a baby be born?" says nick. 
"hell, yes!"

i got to their house in less than 10 minutes
to find the powerful meredith in labor, walking around the house, 
handling the contractions like the tough chic she is! 

eventually it was time to get in the birthing pool. 

meredith's midwife, jennifer, lives about 2 hours away. they called her at 2am. 

meredith was so chill through every contraction... 
until her sound changed & i could tell we were close. 

"tell me i'm close. somebody tell me i'm close?" meredith asked. 
i answered her because i remember that noise coming out of my mouth 
& i had maybe 1/2 hour to go. she was even closer than that. 

a few minutes later she said "the head!"

& then she helped baby boy slide on out with complete ease, eyes wide open & so chill.
she was incredible. like she'd done it a time or two before :0

it was so powerful. nick & i both lost it. 

hi baby. what's your name? 

hello baby! 



he's a little peanut! 

he kept staring at his mama. looking right at her. 

& then the grandma's brought his big siblings over to meet him! 
leah was a bit reserved... choosing to cuddle with papa. 

i love this scene -their full new & beautiful life. 

i love this one. 

oh man. what an incredible experience to have shared with you all! 
i'm so honored to be one of the first to meet andrew william kosko. 

here's to you little man! 


  1. Fabulous. I am a midwife and a photographer and I trained Jennifer a million years ago....great job.

  2. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and these photos slayed me. Gushing tears over here.