Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brittany & Alex : Louisville wedding photographer

this special day... 

this beautiful ceremony...

was something i think we all were a little nervous about. 

not because we didn't know their love was something special.  because it is. 

not because we were afraid it wouldn't be an amazing party. because it most definitely was. 

but because of Gary. 

i am so in awe. 

this amazing yet difficult day had arrived & they had such poise, such grace. 

i know he was beaming  -their brittany boo got married!! 

okay, done with the tears, i think & on to all the goodness of the day!

the wedding details:

Wedding dress: Olia Zavozina
Boutique: Lace Bridal  In Cincinnati
Shoes: Nina
Hair & Make up: Primp Style Lounge
Ceremony: Holy Spirit
Reception: The Gillespie
Band: 24/7 from Nashville
Caterer: Upper Crust

& here are a few of my favorites from the day! 

Sandy & Brittany had some fabric from one of Gary's shirts sewn into their dresses!

one of my favorites. it's kind of dreamy. 


too bad they don't have any friends :0

the light filtering in from the stain glass was incredible. 

final touches! 

another favorite! 

love this. feels so gatsbyesque. 

awesome speeches.

i love the layers of goodness going on in this one. 

alex & brittany 
what an amazing celebration!!!
congratulations you two. 

with that ring, 
i gave you my heart.
i promised from that day 
forward, you would never 
walk alone; my heart would
be your shelter, and my
arms would be 
your home. 

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