Thursday, September 20, 2018

betsy & chris : colorado wedding photographer

this wedding. 
it was the most unique wedding i've ever been to
and i mean that in the coolest, most fun way possible.
first it was in a gorgeous place, the ymca in estes park, colorado.
second the festivities started two days before the wedding with a
euchre tournament & a frisbee match.
third the unicorn themed reception was the night before.
fourth it was a sunrise quaker inspired wedding.
fifth this couple... this incredible couple created an experience
completely foreign to almost everyone
& had everyone laughing, in tears, loving & hanging out like we'd all been old friends.

it was a beautiful celebration.

here are a few of my favorites!

these ladies are the ones that push me past all my boundaries. 
snow shoeing in -3 celsius 7 miles up a mountain & 7 miles back down. 
what? oh, we're doing that. kay. 
we are los brews squad :)

bright & early. 4am start time. 

it was pitch black. 
you literally needed your phone flash light to see where you were going.
 quan, my amazingly talented friend & partner in documenting all the festivities,
 had the genius idea of wearing a headlamp so our cameras would focus. 

extra guests showed up.

but the sun did rise & the transformation was beautiful. 

betsy & chris had hoped a few people would talk during their ceremony... 
almost 1.5 hours later we had no tears left, our stomachs hurt from laughter & 
we were all very happily content. 

it was revealed through their friends stories that they are 
fun, loving & more than anything else open minded & caring. 
they have a special kind of love for eachother. 
and it was a pure joy to witness.

betsy & chris wanted to make sure every person knew how much they meant to them & 
how grateful they were to have them be part of this day so
they decided to have a skein of yarn tied to betsy's wrist & passed around & 
then tied to chris's wrist & then they said their vows. 

<3 nbsp="" one.="" p="" this="">

quan's ingenius photo shop skills made it possible to include both of us in their group photo. 
*quan's photo*

and then it was portrait time. 

i love this one!!

i loved photographing this smile.


their friend made this amazing cake! galaxy, mountains, spoon bugs & miniature unicorn. 

they enlarged photos and hung them all around the venue. 
every single guest was in at least one photo. such a cool touch.

some of us needed lil power naps :)

they laughed trying to figure out how the feeding each other cake thing went & 
then finally betsy said let's just feed ourselves. 
and they did. which fit perfectly! 

oh you two. 
i am so excited to see what adventures, literal adventures, are ahead for you. 
all the love. 

and there will be someone that comes along one day and offers you an entire galaxy 
when you only expected a single planet.  

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