Monday, July 2, 2007

doug & molly

doug is a great friend of mine from college- i worked at this amazing ymca camp, silver bay association in upstate new york, for 3 summers... i made several great friends during this time, but dougy has always been one of my favorites :)

on june 23rd dougy got married!!!! molly, his fabulous bride is from stillwater, mn, where the wedding was held. it was 4 days full of activities: basketball, golf, tennis, luncheons, rehearsals, barbecues & brunches. i admit i was pooped afterwards- but loved every second of it.

stillwater was such a neat town. my sister, stephani and i (she also went to camp for a summer) even got to venture into wisconsin for a day. two new states checked off my 101 list! we didn't eat any cheese but found some awesome galleries & boutiques. i'll post our adventures later...

thanks for a great weekend campbell's & rarig's. i had such a great time!!

molly & her day practicing... this was so sweet to watch my eyes definitely teared up.

the boys.

cute moment! they make eachother laugh, a lot -which is such a joy to watch.

molly's uncle had this great old car & even a chauffeur hat!

stillwater looking purty in the background.

they even practiced their dance- it was awesome.

for the 3rd "last dance" everyone surrounded them & i thought this was a great, moody picture.

if you'd like to see more pictures from the wedding day just click here!

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