Monday, December 1, 2008

it's been awhile

and i do apologize for that... times, they are a crazy. i have lots to post but i'm not quite ready yet to do it. erin & andrew's engagement pictures from athens georgia! a hike with our friends joanne, keith & owen! a trip to atlanta to celebrate my uncle turning 70- those pictures are hillarious! & then we just got back last night from new mexico visiting bryan's brothers family for thanksgiving. shuey. i thought this was my slow season!

but i wanted to post a lil christmas inspiration! i have begged my family to not use wrapping paper this year for our christmas presents. newspaper or anything reused will do. we throw away sometimes 8 bags of paper alone christmas morning & it is beyond ridiculous. last year i decided i'd wrap all my presents in reusable grocery bags. it's awesome because its well, reusable & part of their present :) i just put my order in for the year!

i also just came across a blog that had posted a couple cool pics to help inspire you to do the same!

we use these bags for everything. they're perfect & fold up into little pouches that fit perfectly in your purse or car glovebox.

i didn't do such a fancy job last year but intend to make my bag/wrappings much more festive this year!

here is the site that i've found the most reasonably priced bags.

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  1. Great idea thanks for sharing I love the wrapping tips!