Thursday, December 4, 2008

my cousin erin..

my sweet cousin, erin has said "i will" to the man of her dreams & then she said "sure" to me while i begged to photograph it :) it's such an intimate, exciting day (duh! but even more so when it's my erin getting hitched!) so i am beyond excited that i get to be such a big part of it. i would have been honored if she'd asked me to be in it, but it would have driven me crazy not taking all of the pictures -such a dilemma i face :)~

they are getting married this august in atlanta! i can't wait for it!!! it'll be our first full wedding on the miller side- so those of you that know us understand what kind of celebration it'll be.

i was in atlanta 2 weeks ago for my uncle don's 70th birthday party (he's such a stud!), so i flew out a little early so i could have some special time with the couple. they are in their 3rd year of law school at uga so that is where we decided to do their engagement shoot! the weather cooperated with us & we were able to take off our coats and not look like michelin men! there were even a few colorful leaves left for us. andrew was a natural, always gq, while it took some harassin' to get erin to loosen up! but, i loooove the pictures!

so without further ado here are a few of my favorites:

*i'm having some issues with my server, so i had to load these pictures the old fashioned way, which means, tiny & then they loaded all crazy like. i will be updating with the purty big ones as soon as my hero, jeff, fixes this!*

those georgia people are kinda crazy bout their bulldogs.
i'm half surprised they didn't dress in red & black :)

they loved that i made them take pictures by the law school where their
friends could gawk & giggle ;)

i love this one!

and this one. erin, my love, could you be anymore beautiful?

another fav.

so sweet!

and as you two stare out into the sunset... hahahahaha. corny!
they were about to kill me for making them look into the sun :)

but seriously, i can not be any happier about this lil' union. andrew, welcome to this family- we will love you to death before we're done with you. erin, i'm so happy you've found such an amazing man.

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