Wednesday, July 29, 2009


oh how i love thee. i think these are the best way to preserve/ show off your investment :)

i have grown to love this whole process. designing, receiving it in the mail & then drooling all over it & then sending it to the client to hear their excitement & happiness once they get it!

album 1: doug & molly. 9.5 x 13.
here's a picture of my very first album :)

the majority of albums i order are these flush mount albums. it allows for more creative design (or so i think.) the pages are nice & thick & the print quality is awesome.

album 2: parent albums. 7 x 10.
...they then decided to order smaller versions for their parents. i handed them off without any photos so they were very creative & kind to do it for me!

too cute! thanks doug & molly.

album 3: mike & tami. 12 x 8

album 4: monika & josiah. 8 x 12 ...the famous couple in the tree :)

i love this opening picture...

album 5: emily & craig. 8 x 8 ...this is an asuka book.

the pages are so smooth & i love the quality of the paper.

...the perfect coffee table book for the perfect coffee table :)

album 6: lisa & joe. 8 x 8.

album 7: roy & sueanne's album. 11 x 11.

nice lil detail...

i told you i'd been busy. i just ordered 2 more today & i'll be ordering another one tomorrow!

& just because i hadn't posted anything in awhile (besides the latest wedding) you thought i was slacking :) sheesh.

we're off to boulder colorado to visit our good friends: ted & sarah & ashley!!!!! i'll be back in the office on monday. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Megan, thank you! we love our album!!! so does EVERYONE we've shown it to! :) xoxo R&S