Monday, July 13, 2009

rob & anna

wow. this wedding was amazing for so many reasons:

the couple was so fun & adorable.
it took place at the amazing silver bay association -which is beautiful.
their friends & family were a blast.
i'd just had a baby 17 days earlier... so i was still on that high! :0

i could go on & on & on... but i think i'll let the pictures do the talking!

i want to acknowledge my friend brent, from vermont, for driving down & helping me with the wedding. you're awesome, thank you.

anna's dress was stunning.

she was only a tiny bit excited.

from their first glance before the wedding. too cute!

it was a rainy, grey day... so i thought this lil detail was purty cool.

i love this one.

see, rain. anna & rob weren't afraid to run around in it a lil, though!

this was kinda cool, a rain drop that had smeared instead of wiping off like i'd intended caused the cool effect! errr. i mean i did it on purpose :)

the fabulous wedding party, cuddlin.

who wouldn't want to smooch here?

ya know, just sitting at the dock of the bay, wasting time.

flowy veil goodness.

dang! white umbrella with an overcast sky, if only it were red. but still a cool pic!

my favorite, favorite, favorite. how hot is this?

and how cute is this?

"um, we're married."

strutting it as the wohlgemuth's!

some details.

the reception was a blast. anna & her mom shaking it.

and this is from the first dance. i wanted to save it for last because it's such a beautiful moment, almost dreamy.

congratulations anna & rob.
i'm so happy for you all!!

you guys were such a blast to work with & thanks for being so understanding & incredible.


  1. absolutely lovely!! How would one NOT want to get married at SBA?

  2. Beautiful! Love the last shot and all of the yumy textures the weather adn surroundings provided!