Friday, November 6, 2009

chris & jessica.

were married in upstate new york on october 3rd. chris is one of my favorite "emps" from when we worked at silver bay together.

jessica getting her make-up done at the sagamore.

this hair salon was so much fun to shoot in... von teck did everyone's hair.

the dryer that jessica sat in kept falling... so her lovely bridesmaids took turns holding it up for her.

detail time!!!

cute overload.

i loved her j.crew dress & jacket!

how cute is she?

um.. yep, ya'll need to ride those things.


the colors were beautiful!!!!!!!!

love this.

the grace memorial chapel is at sabbath day point, where chris' family has a house. it's such a cute chapel!

wedding party love.

chris & jessica performed a korean tea ceremony... which was very cool. here are a few details:

they both are dressed in several colorful layers with crowns on their head.

they sit together in front of a table of many korean delicacies stacked in beautiful arrangements, including figs and chestnuts & a pair of wooden geese or ducks symbolizing fidelity since these birds are known to mate for life.

their parents take turns sitting across from them & offer words of wisdom. then the parents throw figs & chestnuts in hopes of some landing in their clothing (figs - represent girls - and chestnuts - represent boys) the number of figs and chestnuts represent the number of children the family members wish for the bride and groom to bear.

apparently chris & jessica are going to be busy!!!! :)

and then chris carries jessica on his back out of the room to symbolize their intimate journey in this new life.

then they come back in & do the first dance.

the toasts were very sweet.

and then the dancing...

& i'll end on this note!

congratulations chris & jessica! i am so happy for you & can't wait to watch this family grow ;)

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  1. Congratulations, Chris! Beautiful photos, especially the one on the little pier - is that at Chris' house? I think I have a photo of me and Jill S. in that same spot.

    The chapel at SDP is adorable. It gives the SBA chapel a run for its money!