Monday, November 16, 2009

marissa & chris' family session

while i was in ky i met up with this cute family: marissa & chris & their three adorable boys connor, collin & corbin.

here's the whole family!

connor & collin are the BEST big brothers.

favorite. by far.

i love the kids sneaking up on the parent trick. parents can't get mad because it was my idea :) & kids love doing it. ah, the power. tehee.

& mr corbin is a very chill, happy baby.

collin, is a sweetheart.

& connor is the brave big brother!

we got grandma in a few of the shots!


then grandma occupied the kids while chris & marissa got a couple alone :)

i love the leaves in this one.

i'll eat these leaves while no ones watching...


corbin: i'm in heaven!

thanks so much for playing with me!!!!!

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