Monday, August 23, 2010

sarah-anne & stan

are some of our favorite peops. they've added a new addition to the family since we last saw them. sarah-anne was what, 7 months pregnant, when they moved to santa fe, new mexico. so we missed his birth & they missed finn's.

you might remember this family, from when sebastien was born! sebastien is now the big brother to simon. two adorable little boys. finn had a blast playing with them as we visited.

we did a little portrait session while i was there, before i start off with their pictures- here's one of all of us together.

finn hung out in the ergo during the shoot, which i always wanted to try while he was younger, but it's definitely not that easy now that he's older & would rather be running around :)

meet simon. he has the most amazing eyes.
sebastien is as sweet as i remember him!

love this one!

& this one...

daddy with the boys.

absolute favorite. please, please get this one on canvas for your living room!!!
but this one is cute too!
hiya! simon has this adorable 'bite the corner of my mouth thing...

sebastien... i can't describe how sweet & cute he is.

brothers... it's a fierce kinda love.
sweet happy boy. girls better watch out that smile & he gives flowers.

mama & simon.

kissee kissee. i love this next series.

i asked them to be affectionate :)


sebu loves his mama.

thanks for letting me/us play with you guys! it was so nice to meet you simon.


  1. LOVE THEM! You're amazing. Thank you, dear friend.

    WE MISS YOU! And Finn! And Bryan! And the pups!

    xoxoxo :)

  2. These are beautiful!!!!! I miss you boys and girl! Love you!

  3. wow... that boy has grown up! sorry I missed you all in santa fe.