Thursday, September 16, 2010

stacy & john

do you remember julie & aurora? they were married back in 08. well, john & stacy were guests at that wedding & i told them straight up that if they ever got married - i wanted to be there. they were that much fun. fast forward until this past year & i get a phone call. & bless her, she's a woman of her word. she asked me to shoot her wedding! on a ranch!! in portland!!!

they were married over labor day weekend in the dalles... one of the most beautiful places i've ever been. this couple was SO much fun. silly & happy & they completely enjoyed their day. and their friends were a hoot.

anyways, onto the pictures. here are a few of my favorites from their incredible day!

the drive to the ranch...

they had their rings custom made. aren't they great?

john getting ready with his best woman, jenn.

stacy getting her hair did.

stacy's mom, best woman, melanie & best man, john, were shaking it to it's going to be a good good night!

one of the cutest mother daughter relationships i've ever witnessed.
(the night before at the rehearsal stacy's mom had a mob cake. i was all confused like why are we going to mob the cake? but because stacy & john were having pies instead of cake for the wedding she wanted a cake! they each took turns cutting it with her & feeding/smashing it. too funny!)

they chose to see each other before hand!!! & then we walked around the ranch taking a few photos!

so sweet.

i had walked around the saturday market in portland when i first landed & one of the artist had a booth full of letters printed on photographs. one of them said forever. we started chatting & she gave it to me so I could take a photo of them with it. it's a little hard to read because it's on glossy paper- but i love it.

smoochin in the sun rays!

the wedding was beautiful & personal.

& tear worthy.

& funny. stacy had her dress custom made & she loved the fact that it was lined with a bright, beautiful fabric, so i thought this photo was awesome, not only cause it's floating a bit, but they're so happy.

& now they're married.

the wedding peops.

the speeches were awesome. i mean, you gotta love it when your brother-in-law tells you to lie (in each others arms), cheat(time or death) & steal(your lover's heart) within your marriage!

& then i stole them for some more portraits during the sunset. yummyness.

these fields of tall yellow grass will make an appearance in my heaven. for sure. so BEAUTIFUL.

one of my favorites.

for real fav. this is canvas worthy, i think.

lord, the adorableness is off the charts.

first dance as husband & wife.

john & his mama!

these two ladies... are a ridiculous amount of fabulousness.

john & his buds.

& then you can not find a happier photographer around -seriously, i love my job.

congratulations stacy & john! you have an amazing love.
it's one of a kind.

& i loooooooooove my bowl -it's beautiful & the sweet card. you all are tooo kind. thank you.


  1. Megan, such lovely photos, as per your usual amazingness. It was great to hang out and see you do your thing. Big hug to you! Hey, you going to Michael Franti next weekend? He's playing in Tempe on Saturday, but we're going to see him in Flag.


  2. I am one happy MOB! These are so beautiful Megan, girl you have done it again! Isn't it great to be good at what you do? I think so!

    Pat M

  3. great pictures, you are just amazing!

  4. I luuuurve these photos! So expressive of the amazing time we had at Stacy and John's wedding!!! I can't wait to see more... :)


  5. Megan,

    No BS, these are the best wedding photos I have ever seen or imagined. Very personal, dramtic & expressive. They really take me back to John & Stacy's festival of love and I think could take someone there who wasn't there to begin with. Very much looking forward to seeing more.


  6. Megan, these are lovely and amazing! Definitely tear-worthy. Thanks for capturing these beautiful moments on such a beautiful day.


  7. Megan,

    I think you've captured the Adorableness of Stacy and John Perfectly! There are a lot of memories and love in each frame. You are WONDERFUL! And if ever I get hitched, one way or another? Well, you know the deal. I'll pull a J&S and make SURE you're there. Smart folks, those two.


  8. Totally Beautiful Pictures of Beautiful Amazing People!! I loved being a small part of it! The wedding was glorious and Stacy and John are perfect together!!