Friday, October 1, 2010

cathi & neville

cathi & i worked at silver bay together one summer. she worked in the hiking/nature center & i think that summer i.... can't remember what job i had. i was so excited when she asked me to shoot her wedding because i remembered her as a beautiful, gracious, kind person with a laid back personality & all those qualities make an awesome bride. and she was.

her sweet , kind & handsome husband, nev, is from south africa, so his family & friends came from afar & were a delight to be around.

i love the story of how they met. cath was meeting a friend at a restaurant but is notoriously late. so her friend striked up a conversation with the two guys at the table next to her. they were deep into conversation when she arrived so they just scooted the tables together & ate as four instead of two. nev was one of the guys. how sweet is that?! man, being late seemed to pay off!!!

they were married on the dock with the lake & mountains behind them. the wind was pretty strong & kept playing with her veil, but it was a fabulous, intimate ceremony. bruce, the chaplan did a fantastic job & several of their family/friends performed songs that were so emotional!

so on to the pictures!

cathi is an aunt. if i had to label her, that title would be in the top 5, amazing aunt. you can tell how much she cherishes them & they cherish her. they surrounded her the entire day, it was adorable. here's her squad helping her get dressed.

proud mama watching.

the girls loved their present from aunt cathi.

heading down to the bay... i love everyone's look in this. they are on a mission!

isn't she beautiful?

i mean seriously.

not a bad view at all.


i love this one.

beautiful flowers.

the handsome couple.

they are soooo cute together.


not prompted at all!!! just being adorable while i lurked around!

their first dance was awesome.

cathi & her proud father.

nev and his mother.

the reception was at the sagamore. one of the most beautiful hotels in the country & they did not disappoint with the reception.

all of the toasts were great!

important observing during the cake cutting!

cathi's brother & niece.

i love the emotion in this one!!


two fellow sba-ers!

the two families meshed sooo well together!

it was such a beautiful wedding- so much happiness.

a reception at the lake wouldn't be complete without some fishing.


thank you, for having me there to document this amazing day... it really was a treat to witness your love.


  1. Incredible pictures that capture an amazing wedding! LOVE the pics on the happy couple on the dock!!!

  2. What a happy event! So sorry South Africa isn't round the corner - would have loved to witness such a lovely couple getting hitched!