Sunday, June 12, 2011

the so's

man. i love this session. so many sweet moments...

stephen is from louisville, but we met him here in phx through frisbee. what else? he is married to the beautiful irish louise... i adore her accent. it's unfortunately not very thick :) but just enough that i get giddy! (i've been penpals with a handsome devil & his amazing family since i was nine, so i'm a bit obsessed with that country.)

anyways, these two have some of the sweetest little girls i've ever met. lily & lexi.

see. precious.

lexi, or sexi as lily pronounces it.

the at first, shy lily.

:) daddy kisses.

such a cutie.

no more pictures! time to play!

daddy & lexi watching momma chase lily.

snack time. love this one. i think it's even canvas worthy .

possibly my favorite... maybe?



:) "no mom & dad!"

i love this one too.

lord have mercy is all i can say about this one.

this just shouts summer to me. love it.

thank you so's for letting me spend some time with your family... i loved every second of it.


  1. wow love the photos

  2. You rock! These are so cool! Mark and I wish you were our neighbors. You are very talented and I love your family portrait style- they are really good, I know b.c I have worked in a frame shop.