Monday, June 6, 2011

jamie & her lovely family!

i met up with jamie & her family about a week ago. you might recognize her from vince's session a few weeks earlier. these two love birds are engaged!

here are a few of my favorites! i'll apologize now, because a lot of these are going to be of rylan... jamie's niece. she was just too cute! not always in the mood to be photographed but i got some that i love anyhow!

and can you blame me?

my favorite!

& then rylan had enough & we moved onto individual family shots :)

jamie's sister & her husband.

jamie & vince...

rylan giving mama a quick kiss!

mr & mrs. fleming.

& their three beautiful girls.

just the girls.

vince wasn't paying enough attention to rylan & she bumped her head. but, he's definitely doing a decent job making it up to her :)

i absolutely adore this one.

thanks for letting me spend an evening with you all!! it's been great getting to know your families jamie & vince!

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