Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ashley & nick, louisville wedding photographer

my little cousin, ashley, is married. a couple weekends ago she said i do to a handsome, sweet, sweet man named nick. they were married in louisville, ashley's hometown, even though they now live in chicago :)

they were married in the cathedral of assumption, which is gorgeous! & then everyone had a short skip & hop to the reception at the gillespie. the reception was lovely.

here are a few of my favorites from the day. this was really hard to pick just a few- so many good ones from their special day!!

i showed ashley's mom this picture & she laughed & said "tell them not to stop anytime soon!"

nick had sent a text the night before saying- "see you at the alter!" ashley responded with "yeah, we'll see!" these two are really cute together.

one of ashley's sisters, danielle. i love the way she's looking at her big sis.

family hug!

getting her make up done up real nice. most of ashley's bridesmaids are from the north (or at least more north). i walk in to the house to hear her saying "we put our makeup on real thick & our hair real high" in a nice southern accent. it's safe to say everyone had a fantastic day- the mood was playful the whole way through.

& then the dress was on & it was real. ashley looked exquisite.

while doing a few portraits out front, ashley's dad didn't know how else to help with his nerves- so he went for a short ride around the ladies.

ya'll ready for this one? this is nick. my sweet new cousin, with a huge tear down his check as he sees ashley walk down the aisle.

it was a beauuuuutiful ceremony. father domhoff married them. he also married ashley's parents... so it was pretty special.

so awesome.

two beautiful individuals.

i picked this wedding party photo because it was one of the most fun... but there are many many more!

my favorite!


ashley's dad, johnny, gave an awesome toast. she's a little embarrassed at this moment, but nick is trying to make it not so painful :)

first dance.

nick & his mom, so sweet.

as a young kid, i can remember watching uncle johnny dance with his girls in their basement. i was so in awe- because they were choreographed, awesome dances with twirls & flips & everything. these two did not disappoint :)

the miller cousin dance. we serenaded ashley to bad to the bone, with leather jackets & sunglasses.

the party got a little wild after that ;) i love ashley's terrified face.

what a great wedding! thank you for letting me be such an intimate part of it!

love ya'll.

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    The one with dad on the bike should be a WPJA entry.