Saturday, November 19, 2011

a sincere thanks to our soldiers.

With every step we take on American soil, we tread on ground made safer for us through the invaluable sacrifices of our service members and their families. During Military Family Month, we celebrate the exceptional service, strength, and sacrifice of our military families, whose commitment to our Nation goes above and beyond the call of duty.

- President Barack Obama

2011 Presidential Proclamation: Military Family Appreciation Month

i'm one of those saps that cries with every video that has the soldiers returning home to their families, pups & life here at home. i want to share in my gratitude, since tears i shed privately aren't showing my appreciation nearly enough.

this past weekend when we were getting ready to go through security at the louisville airport a soldier was in front of us. his wife, little girl, brother & mom were waving goodbye. i started tearing up. what they do for us is so invaluable. there is no way to repay them or thank them enough for what they do. but i'd like to try.

so, in honor of national military family appreciation month i would like to offer a free portrait session to one special military family!
please leave their names in the comments section & i will randomly draw a name on december 1st.

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